How can i contribute to my childs learning journey

The term learning journey has been used to mean different things, but is often seen as a holistic way of recording how a young child learns and develops as they move through the Early Years Foundation Stage.

More recently a learning journey is a document in which your childs key person collects evidence of a childs learning and development as they make progress towards the Early Learning Goals at the end of the reception year. A key person has special responsibilities for working with your child, giving them the reassurance to feel safe and cared for and building relationships with you. Close working between us and you is vital for the identification of your childs learning needs and to ensure a quick response to any area of particular difficulty.

Parents and families are central to a childs well being and we should support this important relationship by sharing information and offering support for extending learning in the home. Working with you helps to enhance learning and development and establishes an on going dialogue for us to share information, take account of your needs and use your own observations of your child to support learning in the home.

At pre-school we recognise that parents are childrens first and enduring educators. When we work together the results have a positive impact on childrens development and learning.

How you can contribute to the learning journey

Sit down together and spend some time doing the weekly activity sheet and if you have time as busy parents do the activity sheet attached to the newsletter each term. This extends what we are doing at pre-school and helps you know what is going on this week and this term.

Bring in a copy of any certificates your child has gained from dancing, swimming or other activity they enjoy. Your child can talk to everybody about what they have done, which develops confidence skills. This helps your childs key person get to know what they enjoy doing and their interests at home such as artwork or mark making.

We have a home library scheme. Your child can select a book and then take it home to look at with you. Please return it each week in the bag provided and a new one will be sent out.

If you need us we are always available during the day if you are rushing at drop off time or at the end of the day. You can contact us via e-mail or ring us any time.

Things you can bring into the nursery

  • Photos of Birthdays
  • Photos of Weddings
  • Photos of Newborn Babies
  • Certificates Gained
  • Postcards of Family Trips
  • Christmas Cards
  • Birthday Cards